My wife Joy and I decided to open a hotel in the mountains to the new year to continue with the example of their hospitality and good guys. We were the cabaret and crowded, there was very little spare seats. We were sitting at a table for 2 people, when a young man said : I have a chair, I can ask for a corner of the table. Of course, we said, and pulled out a little. We started talking and Mark, a local man who put us abreast of what a Scottish Hogmanay. After half an hour, I had the pleasure, said he can not stop looking at boobs. fucd I know, he said, and he is not really trying to hide it. Can you blame him, I said, a push -up bra and a low maximum size of your breasts that are fucd looking for a few. I looked into the eyes of joy and said, ' You want to catch it. In anticipation of a "do not be stupid" normal response back and I nearly choked on my Coca -Cola when they are " yes please " Are you sure I said, nodding Ive alwas wanted a black cock he said. Well, we agreed that I intend to be very drunk and makes a hand in the GEt go to bed and lay in bed while he was fucking nothing. 2 clock and when I sing and falling ( with apologies ) left me in bed. When I got up I grabbed Joy and bra, and both came. Joy put her hands on hips, looking for Mark and told him they saw the night you want to play with them now that they have done. Mark looked at me, but Joy said that maintains its OK to wake up tomorrow afternoon. Now Mark Joy nipples, kissing and biting the hand under her skirt and I heard her moan slidunder as her fingers slid down her juicy pussy. She lay on the bed beside me and squinting through my eyes I could see the joy of the press head to your honey pot. She let out a loud moan as her pussy all wet and started a few minutes she was moaning oh god oh god, when he came three times in a row. Mark came in and makes an impressive 9 " cock between her lips, she opened it and took it with avidity. She just me oral tWICE, but only with a condom, but here was willing to suck cock black cord and the condom. After a few minutes Mark head and walked silently mouth, 5 minutes later, he pushed her gently to the extent it go and releasing his sperm. Joy tries to swallow everything, but it is so deeply, she began to joke and released the black beast, the semen on the face and hair continued to spit. He quickly put back into his mouth and swallowed the rest That's unfortunate, he said, wanted the cock inside me. He wants to feel his fucd hard yet, Mark said, and began to put on a condom, I told him no joy, which leads me back naked. The move marks saw 9 " cock in her waiting hole easily fixed. I felt the hand of Joy mine, as I take it, said Mark. Mark started slowly for the next half hour and then its velocity and Joy moaned and screamed built all the time, until God fills bitch in the belly of my hand, spunge Joy said Mark green began, saidt and the tug let him have his belly. As he stood up to kiss and lick the joy in their breasts, he started suddenly and really strong pressure for a few minutes FasR and dropped another load of fucd cum in joy. As he left the assembly line, said Joy wants to stay. Mark volunteered to go say a few. I woke up twice in the night, when she met Mark in the joy of the milk at each beat. When he fucd saw the joy of his hair and face covered in cum falling on her tits, which looked very rough and covered with love bites. Her pussy was soaking her thighs covered with bites of courage and love. Have a good fucd night, I asked, smiling, I bet fucd you did, and you have to see another man and a black fuck me, you've always wanted, and did so for months, had decided to do. I turned to joy and slipped it into my meager 6 " and went into half a gallon of milk, but we both still. We believe we will visit Scotland again next New Year (maybe the summer also)
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